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Headquartered in Pasadena CA, Axis Digital Media Corp. is an outdoor advertising company which provides National and Local advertisers the ability to distribute targeted advertising and messaging to our network of Digital Outdoor Billboards. 

Axis Digital Media is Southern California's leading Asian American digital outdoor billboard outlet, dedicated to working with National and Local Advertisers who are looking to strengthen and reinforce their brands within the nation's top Asian American territory of the Greater Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley.

Axis Digital Media allows advertisers to marry creative content with cutting-edge digital outdoor billboards, delivering ground-breaking campaigns that produce results.  The true power of our Digital Billboards is our controlled environment to deliver targeted advertising at the push of a button.
Our Cornerstones to Success are Simple:
Customized Advertising Campaigns
Highly Trafficked Locations
Targeted & Timely Delivery Eye-Catching Digital Billboards

Our Digital Outdoor Billboards provide advertisers ultimate messaging flexibility.  With messages that our easily changed, you can display different ads at different times of the day during your electronic advertising campaign, making your message not only relevant, but timely. 
In a time when traditional media is often ignored or tuned out, smart marketers have the opportunity to benefit from the results digital outdoor advertising can offer.
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