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Our prime 14' x 48' Digital Outdoor Billboards offer advertisers a powerful way to communicate to a highly targeted 60% Asian American demographic within the Greater Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley, by combining English and In-language messaging for a truly effective outdoor campaign.
Asian Americans are integral to any brand’s growth strategy.  Factors such as the highest income, and the most rapid population and buying power growth of any U.S. race or ethnicity, make Asian Americans an important consumer group to reach.   
Smart marketers who understand the immense influence of the Asian American population and activate advertising strategies to build brand loyalty with Asian Americans will not only benefit from sales within this dynamic consumer segment, but will also find themselves increasingly on the leading edge of the American mainstream.
Asian American consumers have significant buying power and offer major opportunities for marketers and advertisers.  For businesses, marketing to the Asian American segment is critical for realizing the bottom line potential of many key products, services and entertainment / destination promotions.

Axis Digital Media is the trusted Digital Outdoor Billboard outlet for many of the nation’s top brands which include…

Design Specifications

Copy & Messaging
  • Keep text simple and short. It’s best not to use more than 10 words on the entire billboard.  Audiences have a short time to read and absorb your message.
  • Choose one message or idea. The key to effective outdoor is brevity. We recommend one image, one logo, and one headline.
  • Use a font with consistent thickness. Avoid type with extreme thick-and-thin lines. The thin areas will disappear from far away.  Use simple fonts - script fonts are very hard to read.
  • Use only RGB colors for digital displays.  Design as you would for a website, tv or computer monitor.  Try and avoid white backgrounds as it will wash out and compete with the remainder of your of your creative.
  • Keep moderate spacing between characters. Condensing or extending your type too drastically hinders legibility.
  • Use simple and bold images that can be “read” quickly. If audiences cannot figure out what they are looking at, the ad will not work.
  • Use solid or simple background images or patterns. Complexity will distract from the information in the foreground.
Art Production Specifications
  • Size: 200 pixels high x 704 pixels wide
  • Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 DPI

Please submit finished artwork to no later than (3) business days prior to distribution. Each ad will be displayed according to the designated distribution schedule.
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