Digital Billboards Catch the Attention of Drivers

We're on the Go...
We are spending more time driving in our cars and walking in our cities than ever before.  America is exposed to outdoor billboard advertising in greater numbers and for longer periods of time.  -According to an Arbitron Outdoor Study (2005)

The study shows that not only are drivers exposed to outdoor advertising, but they act on what they see and hear. In fact, nearly one-quarter of billboard viewers say they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of an outdoor ad, and nearly one-third visited a retailer later that week.
Average 51-Minute Daily Commute* Means More "FACE TIME" With Outdoor. 
*Source: Arbitron Outdoor Study - Multi-market (75 market total) 2005 Release 2 (12 months only)
We're On-Demand...
We’ve become an instant-society with the help of modern advances in technology such as DVR’s, on-demand programming, satellite radio, etc.  These new technologies are resulting in the fragmentation of traditional media outlets and are making it easier for audiences to tune out a message with the click of a button.

Unlike other media, our advertisements cannot be muted, fast forwarded or erased.

**According to a recent study by Nielsen Media Research, more than half of digital video recorder users fast forward through commercials while watching prime-time network.  

It's Impactful...
Our Digital Outdoor Billboards provide advertisers a non-intrusive yet impactful and effective presence while remaining in control of ad placement.  Digital outdoor advertising makes the ad-to-consumer connection and delivers advertising messages to the right audience at the right time.
Our Digital Outdoor Billboards gets the attention and drives consumers to take action...
It's Flexible...
With messages that are easily changed, you can display different ads daily, weekly or at various times of the day during your outdoor advertising campaign, making your message not only relevant but timely.  

Our Digital Outdoor Billboards have the power to distribute time sensitive messages to consumers, with unlimited updates to build awareness while staying connected with your audience.
  • Auto Dealerships can feature convertibles during hot temperature days and SUV’s during rainy seasons.
  • Department Stores can advertise individual sales throughout the month.
  • Financial Institutions can promote services based on tax season, interest rates or even stock market fluctuation. 
  • Restaurants can promote their breakfast menu in the morning and dinner specials in the evening.
  • Entertainment/Sports establishments can promote a countdown to a special event or venue.
  • Print and Broadcast News Media can use digital billboards to deliver headlines, weather updates, and programming information. 

 What can the power of digital outdoor bring to your business?
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